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Hand crafted tech

Getting to the machine that hums at four nines and a five just isn't about "the borg". Rows and rows of metal in data center cabinets do not magically produce uptime. In fact, as a general rule, more metal = more downtime.

As we look around the people here that keep things humming to that bright tune of four nines, we see that getting to four nines and a five is really about treating their work as a "Craft".

Wikipedia defines "Craft" as a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. And it's not just a love for operating systems like Linux or Unix, or programming languages like Objective-C, Java, Python or Go or databases like PostgreSQL or Oracle and the list goes on. It's about the "skilled work" and the joy that it brings to our lives and the lives of others.

As we look around the people here that keep things humming, we don't see tech workers, we see artisans.

Some of us love Python... and coffee. In between programming and testing, he will pull single-origin espressos. When his espresso pulls shorter than 24 seconds, he starts to change grind settings, bars on the machine or tamping pressure to "fix" the problem that only he can taste! He keeps the craft.

Some of us love PSQL and replication... and pottery. When she is not automating database routines and making our replication ever faster, she likes to pull pottery on a wheel. When her piece strays from perfect center, she skillfully compresses and shapes that piece of clay back to where she wants it. She keeps the craft.

Some of us love networks and operating systems. They reminisce about the days of OS2 and Solaris... and Yoga. When he is not managing Juniper virtual chassis, he likes to work on asanas and pranayama. He keeps the craft.

While we are physically at an office, sometimes it feel more like a village. Someone is always bringing something unique and special to the table. We hope we have the opportunity to bring something special to your table.

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